Photo of the Capitol building in Jefferson City, Missouri.AT Government Strategies LLC (ATGS), a subsidiary of Armstrong Teasdale LLP, provides full-service government relations and strategic counsel to advance the business objectives of companies, industry associations and other professional entities. Our bipartisan team of public policy lawyers, lobbyists and political consultants has a long track record of success helping shape legislation and regulations on behalf of clients at the federal, state, and local levels of government.

Our diverse and experienced professionals use various legislative, regulatory and executive branch strategies at all levels of government in advancing our clients’ interests, including the design and implementation of issue-specific advocacy campaigns, lobbying and monitoring, public relations and media campaigns, and backing our clients’ ultimate objectives. We immerse ourselves in key issues, political activities, and legislative developments relevant to our engagements to best advise and counsel clients who are affected by, or interested in, governmental affairs at any level.

ATGS, which does not provide legal services, works closely with experienced lawyers at Armstrong Teasdale in multiple practice areas including environmental, tax, banking, government contracting and procurement, health care, finance and development, education, and more. This model enables seamless integration of the strategic and legal sides of any engagement, providing clients with in-depth knowledge, insight, and participation in government regulatory matters.

ATGS also has a strong network of affiliations with other firms across the country, which makes us uniquely positioned for success. For example, in Missouri we have a strategic partnership in place with Versa Governmental Strategies, a consulting firm which offers more than 35 years of experience in state agency leadership, state government relations, legislative drafting and advocacy, and forging creative paths to effective solutions. These relationships have proven to be an invaluable means of delivering high quality, efficient and effective representation to our clients wherever they are doing business or wish to expand.

National Reach

Often, we collaborate on clients’ interests with trade industry groups and local lobbyists from other states, including Illinois, Kansas, Colorado, Utah, New York and Nevada. When government relations assistance is required in other jurisdictions, we facilitate our clients’ access to legal and business networks and resources through our membership in State Law Resources, which is an international network of U.S. law firms, all of which have a state capitol presence. Network members are vetted and admitted to the organization based on proven experience in government relations and administrative/regulatory law at the state and national levels.